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You will find everything you need in Stagfield House for self catering.
There is a great number of nice restaurants with international and native kitchen. Native restaurants and bars serve exotic and very tasty menues like cou-cou, roti and conkies.
Specialty of the island is flying fish, but also other kinds of fish get cooked in delicous ways like dolphin (type of macarel), blue marlin or king fish. A lot of fresh fruit gets eaten on the island traditionally like mangoes, bananas, cherries, avocadoes, papayas ('Paw Paw', they can become huge), tamarinds, shaddock, soursop and coconuts. There are several tasty fruit juices available. Mixed with rum into the most different combinations it is the national drink of Barbados.
A very interesting and marvelous drink to stand the heat is Mauby, which is a bark that gets cooked to sugar syrup, then mixed with water. Its a sweet-bitter taste that cant be compared with anything really. You can get the syrup ready in the supermarket from many companies (Rose&Laflamme, Sweet&Dandy, Aunt Mays).
At Christmas time a red drink with 'Sorrel' is very popular. It is made from the flowers of a hibiscus type and it is rich with vitamin c.
Try the spiced and very nice food of the public kitchens run by native bajans. You can eat them without any problems. Moreover you will receive more tips about your stay and things worth to see.
Don't miss the trip to Oistins fishmarket on friday evening.

Thursday to saturday you can enjoy a local dinner at "Braddys Bar" or "Joan's" at Six-Mens Bay. Check out the Burger Restaurant Chefette with at least 14 restaurants across the island Chefette or visit one of the most luxury restaurants like Daphnes, Bajan Blue, Careenage Bar, The Cliff or Cobblers Cove just to name a few, you can get any other food like Chinese, Italian, Polynesian, Indian, French, Cantonesian etc.pp.

For a lovely snack with the kids just go to a barbeque barn, KFC or Lucky Horseshoe. A really really secret tip is the fish guy who stops with his kitchen-lorry up at certain places at certain times, if you catch him you will get the best cooked fish ever!

Good to know is the little bananas are called 'figs' and the very big bananas are 'plantains', which are bananas for cooking.
Buy some breadfruit which can be boiled, roasted or sliced thinly and fried. Especially nice tastes pickled breadfruit. Butternut belongs to the marrows, try Okras, the green 'ladies fingers' with Cou Cou or boil some of the root vegetable like Dasheen, Eddoes, also called Coco, Tannia and Cassava (only use the sweet one!)

If its something to celebrate, the bajans cook a big meal which consists of pork and pineapple, roasted chicken, fish, rice with pigeon peas (which grows on big trees or shrubs too), sweet potatoe mashed with fruit, salads and so on its gorgeous.

If you are thirsty on the way you can get many other drinks beside the fruit juices. A chilled 'Plus' is very refreshing and gives you energy. 'Tiger Malt' without alcohol gives you vitamin B and has been available from Bank's Breweries since 1963. Banks, the beer of the island has been produced since the early fifties according to the bavarian purity laws of 1516 and has got a 4,7% alcohol content. Carib Beer from Trinidad and Tobago has got an alcohol content of 5,2%.
There are many sweet, colourful drinks for the kids around, like Fruta (Cranberry, Grape, Strawberry-Banana, Guava, Soda etc.) and Frutee (Pineapple, Cherry-Apple, Pear, Raspberry etc.) or you can buy a mixing powder to make drinks yourself (Kool Aid or Tango: Fruitpunch, Mango etc.)

For a little snack you should try the soft Salt-Bread-Buns, which are big yeast buns instead of bread. You also find colourful cakes and of course banana- and coconutbread in the shelf of the supermarket. 
Stagfield House 6th Ave. North Drive, Lot 171 Heywoods Park, St. Peter, Barbados W.I.

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